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Old Croton Dam

  • Old Croton Dam In 1835, New York City voters approved a plan to construct a 42-mile, aqueduct, dam, and reservoir to carry fresh water from the Croton River in Yorktown into Manhattan. The Old Croton Dam was finished in June of 1842, creating the 400-acre Croton Reservoir. It was the first large masonry dam in the nation and served as the original design for many other water supply barriers during the 19th century. The old dam and pump house were submerged in 1907 with the construction of the New Croton Dam three mile downstream, but they are still partially visible when the reservoir is very low.
  • The Old Croton Dam was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 19, 1973 as an underwater site. ("Lewis C. Rubenstein to Yorktown Town Planning Dept., TLS," July 24, 1973, National Register Supervisor, Division for Historic Preservation)
  • The Old Croton Dam sits underneath the Croton Lake Bridge where the Taconic State Parkway Northbound crosses the Croton Reservoir.
  • Portfolio of Construction of New Croton Dam

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First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown

  • First Presbyterian Church TodayOriginally built in 1738, the first church and parsonage were used as a meetinghouse and arsenal by local patriots during the Revolutionary War. In a British raid in 1779, they were both burned to the ground. The church was rebuilt in 1785 after the war ended and stood until the present building replaced it in 1840. The adjoining cemetery contains the remains of many prominent founding families as well as soldiers who died in the revolution.
  • The Town of Yorktown listed the church as a Historic Site on March 2, 1976. (section 4.21, parcel 66, with Town Board Resolution #145)
  • The First Presbyterian Church is located at the corner of Route 202 and Route 132, what was once the center of town.

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Community Church

  • Community ChurchThis Greek revival style church was originally the Baptist Church serving the community known as Huntersville. Originally constructed in 1785, the building was rebuilt in 1848. The adjacent cemetery contains many pre-revolutionary war graves. Most of Huntersville disappeared when the waters of the New Croton Dam put most of the area under water. The church has been restored over the years and is now the interdenominational Community Church of Yorktown.
  • The Town of Yorktown listed the church as a Historic Site on March 2, 1976. (section 11.2, parcel 4, with Town Board resolution #145)
  • Community Church is located at the corner of Baptist Church Road and Hunterbrook Road.

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