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Yorktown Heights Railroad Station

  • Railway ParkThe Yorktown Railroad Station is the only one of four railroad stations of the New York Central Putnam Division located in Yorktown still standing. The New York Central Putnam Division, also known as the Old Put, operated from 1881 to 1958. During that time, the area around the Railroad Station became the business center of Yorktown. The land around the station was refurbished and rededicated in 1999 as Railroad Park and a movement is underway to restore the station building and open it to the public. It is one of only two stations of this scale and design still standing in Westchester County.
  • The Town of Yorktown listed the Yorktown Heights Railroad Station as a Historic Site on November 16, 1976. (section 10G, lot 133) It has since been listed on both the State Register (January 26, 1981) and National Register for Historic Places. (March 19, 1981) This is the only historic landmark in Yorktown that is locally, state and federally designated.
  • Railroad Park is located on Commerce Street in Yorktown Heights.

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Congregational Parsonage

  • Congregational ParsonageThis house, built in about 1806, served as the parsonage for the former Congregational Church for approximately 60 years. In 1806, the congregation of the Presbyterian Church on Crompond Road split with one portion creating the Congregational Church on Granite Springs Road. The two churches were reunited in 1865 and the church building no longer exists. Abutting the property on Granite Springs Road is a one-acre cemetery containing the remains of many prominent area families. It is one of the few buildings still standing in Yorktown built in the Federal period.
  • The Town of Yorktown listed the Congregational Parsonage as a Historic Site on November 16, 1976. (section 5.13, parcel 72, lot 1, with Town Board resolution #636)
  • The house is located on Granite Springs Road near the intersection at Route 202.

Congretagional Parsonage Cemetary Entrance

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Boehme-Martens House (Hyatt House)

  • Boheme-Martens (Hyatt) HouseOne of the few pre-revolutionary houses still standing in the northern part of Yorktown, the Hyatt House was allegedly the home of Colonel Hyatt, who served in the local militia during the American revolution.
  • The Town of Yorktown listed the Martens House as a Historic Landmark on November 16, 1976. (Section 2.1, Parcel 9, Lot 8.2, with Town Board Resolution #636)
  • The house is located on Old Route 6 in Yorktown.
  • The Yorktowner, Vol. 4 No. 49, October 7, 1970, "Martens House" (article)