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Hallock Farmhouse

  • Hallock FarmhouseThis pre-Revolutionary farmhouse and barn was sold by the Skinners (they had secured it by will through Stephanus Van Cortlandt’s daughter Elizabeth) to Michael McKeel. Later, it was sold to J. B. Hallock. Agnes O’Rourke, the owner in 1976, acquired the house from J.B. Hallock's descendants. Originally built prior to 1765, by local artisans, the house has been continually, for over 200 years, a residence of Crompond then Yorktown citizens. Michael McKeel has been identified by the historian Kim as one of the Whigs living in the manor. The building abuts the famous Andre/Rochambeau route, and the Washington Rochambeau route identified by national authority.
  • The Town of Yorktown listed the Hallock Farmhouse as a Historic Site on December 21, 1976. (section 15.20, parcel 3, with Town Board resolution #695)
  • The house is located on Hanover Street south of Yorktown Heights.

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Chadeayne Homestead

  • Chadeayne HomesteadOriginally built by the Van Cortlandt family, it was the site of the rendezvous of Loyalist and irregular troops under British Colonel Delancy on May 13, 1781, the day before the force crossed the Croton River at Oblenis Ford to attack Colonel Greene at the Davenport House.
  • The Town of Yorktown listed the Chadeayne Homestead as a Historic Site on December 21, 1976. (section 18.04, parcel 35, lot 4, with Town Board resolution #695)
  • The house is located on Pines Bridge Road in Amawalk.
  • http://chadeayne.com/ For more information on the Chadeayne family.

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Amawalk Friends Meeting House

  • Amawalk Friends Meeting HouseThe Religious Society of Friends, more popularly known as Quakers, have been meeting at Amawalk and the Yorktown area since the mid-1760s. Two previous buildings built in 1773 and 1787 were destroyed by fire. The current building, completed in 1831, is a prime example of Quaker architecture in the aesthetic of plainness, simplicity and equality.
  • Westchester County listed the Amawalk Friends Meeting House as a Historic Site in August 1988. (North County News, Vol. 10 No. 51, August 10 – August 16, 1988, "Friends Meeting House judged historic," by Karen Strutin, p. 18) It was subsequently listed on both the State Register (October 6, 1989) and National Register for Historic Places. (November 16, 1989)
  • The building is located on Quaker Church Road next to the Amawalk Hill Cemetery.
  • Visit the Friends Library site where many of the Westchester Quaker records are stored: www.swarthmore.edu/Library/friends

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