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Preservation – Endangered Treasures

Endangered Treasures

Westfield Farm Tower

  • Westfield Farm TowerThe prominent Field family owned Westfield Farm, which bordered Strawberry Road and Lexington Avenue. The property was purchased by Ladycliff Academy with a name change to the Franciscan High School when the school became coeducational in 1972. The tower still exists, and the buildings around it belie the existence of an impressive operation. The purpose of the tower is unknown, but it played a key role in civil defense during World War II as a lookout for hostile aircraft. The tower sports a different look today, remodeled to an Alpine-styled exterior and a richly paneled interior with religious motifs.

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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church (St. George’s)

  • St. George'sSt. Georges Roman Catholic Church was dedicated in 1912. It was here that Aimee LaFarge Heins, member of one of Yorktown’s most illustrious families, elected to have a church built in memory of her late husband George L Heins, a renowned ecclesiastical architect. Based on French Normandy churches, St. George’s was built across from the La Farge estate on Route 6. In 1963, the church became the home of St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church until a new church was built in Shrub Oak in 1983. This lovely chapel sits at the intersection of East Main Street and Route 6 on the border of Shrub Oak and Mohegan Lake.
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