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Capellini Proclaims Town Anniversary Day

A Proclamation designating March 27th as the official anniversary of the establishment of the Town of York Town.

Whereas, the New York State Legislature by act of March 7th, 1788 established the township of Yorktown, naming it in honor of the final victorious battle of the American Revolutionary War in Yorktown, Virginia, and
Whereas, this township as an American Revolution Bicentennial Town is anxious to recognize days worthy of note in its history, and
Whereas, this township saw action during the entire seven years of the Revolutionary War, and
Whereas, this township in this year of the Nation's Bicentennial, wishes to participate in the national anniversary.

Therefore, I, Albert Capellini, Supervisor of the Town of Yorktown, do hereby proclaim March 27th, 1976, as the official 188th anniversary day of the Town, and
Urge all Yorktowners to join together to celebrate this event by appropriate recognitions.

Signed this 22nd day of March, 1976, the year of our Independence the 200th, and the year of our town's establishment the 188th.

Albert A. Capellini

Source: The Yorktowner, Wednesday, March 24, 1976, Volume 10 No. 12

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