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Improved Telephone Service With New Lakeland Office

To give better service to telephone customers in certain sections of the township of Yorktown, Putnam Valley and Cortlandt, and to provide adequate facilities for future growth, the establishment of a new central office district is planned by the New York Telephone Company, according to Herbert G. Childs, the company's manager at Peekskill.

The new central office district, Mr. Childs states, would include the communities of Mohegan Lake, Shrub Oak, Jefferson Valley, Oregon, Lake Peekskill, Adams Corners, Tompkins Corners, Oscawana Lake and Roaring Brook Lake.

Like all newer central offices, this would be a dial office of modern type, Mr. Childs reports, giving fast and dependable service at all hours.

"Lakeland" is the name selected for the new exchange. "This name," Mr. Childs points out, "is pleasantly and broadly descriptive of this general region, which abounds in lakes and water courses.

"A problem that has to be solved in choosing any new central office name is that it shall not conflict, when dialed, with any other central office name. This is necessary not only for the fast and accurate handling of calls to and from neighboring exchanges, but it is also essential in order to carry out important plans for future improvement of the service.

"One feature of these plans is to make it possible within a few years to dial toll calls over an extensive area. Another is to enable long distance operators to handle a call by dialing it straight through to any distant telephone in the United States.

"Thus the choice of a suitable central office name is limited and becomes a difficult problem. 'Lakeland' however, meets all the requirements for a satisfactory name."

Calls to Peekskill from telephones in the new Lakeland district, Mr. Childs states, will be made without charge. Also, upon the establishment of the new district, certain reductions in monthly charges for individual and party-line service will be made in most of the communities concerned.

  Source: The Yorktown Herald, Vol. XXII No. 2, January 10, 1946 

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