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Landmark Group Created

A historic landmarks committee to seek and preserve Yorktown's heritage was formed and approved by the town board at Tuesday's meeting in Town Hall.

George Groht was appointed acting chairman until the group can meet for elections. Members of the committee are Theodore Hill Jr., Clarence Murphy, Charles L. Parcell, William Keating, Raymond Arnold, Mrs. Harry Hanbury, Daniel Rochford, Cortland Auser, Arthur Lee, Edward Kear, and Jaqueline Duby.

The members were chosen for their experience in the fields of architecture, local history and historical preservation. The group is an official town committee and as such will be able to encourage preservation of buildings or locations chosen by them as landmarks. State and other agencies of the government will be notified of the committee's existence said Mr. Groht.

Town Historian Cortland Auser said the committee could identify landmarks worth preserving with the owner's approval it would then be officially designated a landmark.

The purpose of the committee is not to restrict by designating a landmark but to prevent encroachment where it is not wanted.

Source: The Yorktowner, "Landmark Group Created," unknown author, Vol. 2 No. 10, December 21, 1967

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