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Town Museum – Historical Society Will Retain Ownership and Maintain Facilities

The Davenport House, Yorktown Museum and property of the Westchester Historical Society, is not out of business, after all. After the septic field by Peter Pratt became over-loaded, causing a health problem, Dr. and Mrs. Cortland Auser, Museum officials residing there, lost access to the Pratt septic system, and the house either had to close or get new facilities. The County Historical Society then asked the Yorktown Town Board to consider acquiring the house, on the condition that the Town hold the property as a museum in perpetuity -and put in its own serer system (click here for photos of the Davenport House).

Supervisor Spadaccia favored the acquisition at first, but had reservations about being held to an "in perpetuity" arrangement. "There is always the possibility that a future decision might be made to relocate the Town Museum at some other site," Mrs. Spadaccia said. At this point, the County Historical Society changed its mind and withdrew its offer. The Davenport House, therefore, will stay in County Society hands, and they will repair the septic system to put the Museum back in business.

Meanwhile, Dr. and Mrs. Auser have bought a house on , and they will leave the Museum in favor of new tenants. They will, however, retain their positions as official Town Museum curator and historian.

Source: unknown author, The Yorktowner, Vol. 4 No. 22, April 2, 1970

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