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Plaque To Be Unveiled At The Underhill-Andre House
Appropriate Ceremonies Sunday At House Owned By J. J. Goldstein On Hanover Road

The plaque presented to Mr. Julius J. Goldstein for the Underhill-Andre House will be unveiled with appropriate ceremonies at the house on Sunday, June 22, at 2:30 o'clock.

The Westchester County Historical Society [sic] were instrumental in having the Education Department of the State of New York provide the plaque. The Historical Society will be represented by Col. E. Thatcher T. P. Luquer, their president, who will also act as representative of the State of New York and by Mr. Ernest F. Griffin, ex-president and new chairman of their markers committee.

Assemblyman Theodore Hill, Jr., Supervisor John H. Downing, members of the Yorktown Board, the American Legion and Auxiliary of Yorktown Post 1009, the Boy Scouts and Yorktown Heights Engine Company, have been invited to attend the ceremony. It is hoped that Mr. and Mrs. James Fowler and Mr. and Mrs. John S. Churchill of Yorktown Heights, descendants of the Underhill family that inhabited the Andre House during the period of 1780, will be able to be present.

Recognition of the historical importance of the Underhill-Andre House should be greatly appreciated by the residents of Yorktown and no doubt will attract a great number of them to the ceremonies. In the event of rain the ceremonies and speeches will take place in the auditorium of the Yorktown Heights School.

Other persons expected to be present are Miss Dorothy C. Barck of the New York Historical Society; Miss Catherine R. B. Makie, first vice-regent of the Daughters of the Revolution of the State of New York and Mr. H. Lawrence Coggins, architect, who in 1937 reconstructed the Andre House in accordance with the historical records available.

Also Mr. E. Irving Haines, historian and author of the book "The Exquisite Siren" describing part of the history of the Revolution, the love affair between Major Andre and Peggy Shippen, later the wife of General Benedict Arnold and which in its consequence might have caused the surrender of West Point to the British by General Arnold and might have changed entirely the outcome of the American Revolution, had it not been for the capture of Major Andre within a few hours after he had breakfast at the Underhill-Andre House.

The ceremonies are being arranged by Supervisor Downing, assisted by Supervising Principal A. Russell Griffin and several other prominent citizens.

Source: Unknown author, The Yorktown Herald, Vol. XVIII No. 4, June 19, 1941

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