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Walker House Now Landmark

Mr. George Groht, Chairman of the Yorktown Landmarks Preservation Committee, announced after the last meeting of the group on December 11, 1968 that the Lee-Walker House (at the intersection of Route 132 and Routes 35/202) had been officially designated a Yorktown Landmark.

Meeting at the old Community Church on Baptist Church Road, the committee added another official designation of buildings at the site of the old village of Crompond. The same evening the Yorktown Presbyterian Church and its parsonage were also officially designated. The latter two were earlier listed. These buildings, together with two town owned buildings, constitute an 'historic district' complex so important in Yorktown history. The Lee House presently owned by Mr. W.L. Walker was reputedly built as early as 1732 by Josiah [sic] Lee.

Among many other important items of business, extended discussion by the committee centered about the deep concern that was felt about initial plans for extended highway development along Crompond Road, particularly as this planned widening might effect the historic and natural landmarks in its path. The committee is expressing its alarm in letters to responsible officials at all levels of government, bureaus and individuals connected with landmark preservation and road development. Threatened also by the widening expansion would be the town's green spot, Downing Park; the lovely Beech trees in the area; and two other old buildings which formed part of the village of Crompond at the present intersection of Routes 132 and 202/35. An alternate route is hoped for by the committee.

Finally, Mr. Groht expressed the deep regret of the departure of Mr. C. Larry Parcell who had served as vice chairman of the Committee since its formation a year ago. Mr. Theodore Hill was elected as the new vice chairman.

Source: The Yorktowner, December 26, 1968, "Walker House Now Landmark," unknown author [also known as Lee-Hyatt House]

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