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Shrub Oak Resident Has 3 Great-Grandsons in Service

Mrs. Christina Curry of Shrub Oak, the eldest of five generations who celebrated her 93rd birthday on April 4th has three great-grandsons and a grandson-in-law serving with the armed forces of the United States.

Her great-grandsons in the service are Sgt. Clinton C. Archer, Jr., Lt. Richard Field Strang, and Pvt. James R. Strang. The latter two are overseas, as is her grandson-in-law, E. Munson Frost, FC1c.

Mrs. Curry was born in New York City, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bishop and moved to Mahopac when a young girl. She was married on January 9, 1868 to Ezra Curry at Mahopac Falls. Mr. Curry died at the age of 63 on January 25, 1913. At that time, Mrs. Curry sold their farm on Gomer Street and went to live with her daughter, Mrs. William Mead, where she has made her home since.

Mrs. Curry has one other daughter, Mrs. Robert Archer, nine grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild. Until the past year, she has been able to do considerable reading and sewing, but her sight is gradually failing, and she is hard of hearing.

Her grandchildren are Mrs. Munson Frost, Mrs. Charles Rundle, Mrs. Albert Bennett, Clinton C. Archer, Mrs. Clark Strang, Mrs. Iverne Ware, Douglas and Viola Mead and Field Archer.

Her great-great grandson is Richard Michael Strang, son of Lt. Richard Strang.

Sgt. Archer was graduated from Shrub Oak High School in the class of '42 and spent one year at Alabama University. He entered the service Oct. 15, 1943 at Camp Upton where he was assigned to the Air Corps, after training at Miami Beach, he went to navigators' school at Colby College in Maine, and to Scott Field, Ill., where he received his corporal's stripes. He went to gunnery school at Yuma, Arizona for 6 weeks, and was transferred to Westover Field, Mass. Last December, where he is radioman on a b-24 Liberator. Clinton passed over Shrub Oak Tuesday morning, and the pilot signaled his family by dipping his wings.

Lt. Richard Strang entered the service in April 1942 and after going to Fort Dix and training at Keesler Field, in Mississippi, he attended Glenn L. Martin School in Maryland where he specialized in the B-26. He went to San Antonio for pilot training and then to Cimmarron Field, Okla. and Winfield Kansas. He was married to Miss Verne Griffin of Oklahoma on Jan. 9, 1944, and their son Richard Michael was born January 26, 1945. Elsewhere in this issue is an account of Lt. Strang's recent award of an Oak Leaf Cluster.

Pvt. James Strang was graduated from Yorktown Heights High School in 1944, and entered the service August 22, 1944. He was trained in the Infantry at Camp Croft, and was home on a furlough in February of this year. His outfit shipped out the middle of March, and Jimmy is now in France.

E. Munson Frost, Fire Controlman 1c who is a grandson-in-law of Mrs. Curry was graduated from Briarcliff High School and was in the contracting business before entering the Navy. He married Helen Archer in October 1934, and they have two children, Christie Lee and Helen Munson. Mr. Frost entered the service in January 1944 and trained at Sampson and Gulfport. He went to sea in November 1944 on a battleship and has participated in the Iwo Jima and Okinawa campaigns.

Source: The Yorktown Herald, Vol. XXI No. 17, April 25, 1945 

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