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Landmark Debate in Yorktown Continues
by Brad King

The Yorktown Planning Board met Monday night to continue discussion on the Hanover farm landmark issue and the proposed development of Dorchester Heights.

The board allowed letters from residents to be entered into the public record as concerned citizens wrote in favor of preserving the landmark and questioned aspects of proposed development.

Ralph L. Rodgers from Mohegan Lake sent documentation he obtained from the Westchester County Historical Society.

While it doesn't clearly deem the area a landmark, it does bring the origin of the first settlers of Yorktown to the site.

A friend of deceased owner Agnes O'Rourke, [William Jakubowski] Rodgers [sic] claimed she intended the area around the house be preserved as part of the landmark designation.

Rodgers [Jakubowski] believes she delayed the original designation pending assurance the property would never be used for building and intended the land to be passed on as an inheritance.

"I urge you to protect the Hallock Landmark site, which should consists of 1.92 acres," Rodgers wrote.

The board took that letter and countless others into consideration. This situation is now closed to public response. The Planning Board will rewrite the language of the resolution and plans to include the following change:

The title of each piece of subdivided land and the land survey include the note of existing landmark and resulting taxes. The recreation area proposed is developed in the middle of the complex and shall remain open for purchase by the town.

A full narrative explanation of all development plans must be given for public knowledge at the next board meeting.

The historical society and developers will have to submit final documentation and developing plans for the next board meeting and vote scheduled for October 16.

Source: North County News, September 27 - October 3, 2000

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