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Lumber and Fuel Business Among Oldest in Yorktown

The lumber and fuel business operated since 1915 by S. S. Horton and his family is one of the oldest in Yorktown. It was founded in 1885 by J. J. Roake, who had been a farmer here before he founded the lumber business. The business was continued by his son, Clarence Roake, uncle of Miss Beth Weisse, until his death in 1915 when Stephen S. Horton bought the business.

Mr. Horton died in 1944, and the firm has been carried on since that time by Mrs. S. S. Horton, with her son Henry C. Horton, and Miss Madalene Agor, who was associated with the firm when Mr. Roake owned it.

Horton's is a landmark in the village, the huge blue-gray building with white trim occupying the southeasterly side of State Road for considerable distance in the middle of Yorktown Heights. A spur of the New York Central was put in on September 6, 1910, to permit operation of a coal elevator, and the oil tanks were installed in 1933.

Since the Horton's purchase of the yards, a new office, new garage, and several sheds have been added. The southerly building in the yards was formerly used as a pickle factory and was moved to its present location some years ago.

Besides Miss Agor, who has been with the firm since before Mr. Horton acquired it, John Butler has been employed there for more than 33 years--since 1916--and the late Chauncey Sniffen was employed there from April, 1923, until his death in July, 1949. The newest employee at Horton's is Miss Ruth Corsa, who has been employed in the office since her graduation from Yorktown Heights High School with the class of 1949. Henry Horton has been associated with the business since his return from the armed services in October 1946.

All of the property south of the old office was bought from Charles H. Bassett in 1912. Horton's moved to the present office in 1917.

Source: The Yorktowner, "Lumber and Fuel Business Among Oldest in Yorktown," by unknown author, Vol. 3 No. 45, August 28, 1969

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