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Origin of Name of Jefferson Valley Sought By Montana Writer; A Difficult Question!

A letter has been received by Mrs. William O'Neill, postmaster at the Jefferson Valley Post Office from William E. Ashton of Helena Montana, asking for information on the origin of the name of Jefferson Valley.

Mr. Ashton's letter indicates that he is preparing an article on places named for presidents of the United States, and is willing to provide information on other "Jefferson" post offices I the country in return for information on Jefferson Valley.

A check with long-time residents of Jefferson Valley has brought forth comparatively little information. J. Curry Hill, whose family has lived on the same farm in Jefferson Valley for more than 100 years, recalls that his father said that the community was without a name for a long time, and was then referred to as Sleepy Hollow. Dr. James Fountain is supposed to have named the community Jefferson Valley.

Mrs. Susan Odell, recalls visiting her step-grand mother, Julia Hyatt near Mahopac Falls, and hearing that the name had been changed from Sleepy Hollow in honor of President Jefferson.

There have been more recent attempts to change the name from Jefferson Valley to Osceola Lake, but the suggestion did not meet with local approval. The 1868 Atlas of Westchester gives the name of Magnaganus Lake to what is now known as Osceola.

Source: The Yorktown Herald, Vol. XXV No. 43, March 23, 1950

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