Yorktown Historical Society Home Page Past Issues

The Yorktown Historical Society home page features a new article of seasonal and historical interest each month. Select from the following list for some of our past issues.

November 1998 Giving Thanks for Turkeys
Witzel Turkey Farm on Stoney Street
December 1998 Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of America's First Living 
Christmas Tree... from Yorktown?
Amawalk Nursery on Saw Mill River Road
January 1999 The Big One
Winter Storms in the Yorktown Area
March 1999 Yorktown's Finest
History of the Yorktown Police Department
April 1999 1908 Briarcliff-to-Yorktown Stock Car Race
June 1999 Our Church and Its Heritage
The First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown
July 1999 It's Summer Reading Time Again!
A History of the John C. Hart Memorial Library
August 1999 One Hundred Years of the Yorktown Grange
October 1999 "FIRE!"
90 Years of Service by the Yorktown Heights Fire Department
December 1999 Millennium or Media Madness?
February 2000 Illustrated History of Mohegan, Part 1
April 2000 Illustrated History of Mohegan, Part II
May 2000 Illustrated History of Mohegan, Part III
July 2000 The Ole Swimmin' Hole
A History of Sparkle Lake
September 2000 Tapestry
Oral Histories of Yorktown
December 2000 Tradition
January 2001 Reflections
February 2001 Yorktown and Slavery - Not Just Underground
April 2001 Incarnation Camp
June 2001 Genealogy 101
October 2001 50th Anniversary of the Lakeland School District...
200 Years of Schooling in the Land of Lakes
January 2002 Yorktown At War
April 2002 80 Years of Heroism for Mohegan Lake Volunteers
August 2002 Voices of the Past Come Alive at Shrub Oak
January 2003 1940 Survey of Yorktown
August 2003 Schoolhouses of Yorktown
  The Big One