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The Nasty Affair at Pines BridgeThe Nasty Affair at Pines Bridge

By Allison Albee
Prepared and edited by Monica Doherty

“For the number of American casualties involved, the brief battle on May 14, 1781 at the strategic Pines Bridge Crossing of the Croton River was the bloodiest skirmish of the American Revolution in Westchester County, New York. The story of the death or capture of almost 100 Rhode Island Continental soldiers is compelling. Small wonder that the tale of this battlefield on Croton Heights caught the rapt attention of 20th century historian Allison Albee. This book is a tribute to his life and works.”

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Yorktown at War 1775 – 1783
Yorktown at War 1775 - 1783

Originally written as a chapter for a Bicentennial book that was never published, this book (with additional research) was privately published by the original author in 1996.

By John T. Martino

Yorktown at War portrays the involvement of Yorktown and Northern Westchester during the American Revolution with emphasis on the Davenport House Massacre of Officers Green and Flag and the black troops of the Rhode Island Regiment by the British.

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Yorktown: Images of America SeriesYorktown: Images of America Series

By Linda Cooper and Alice Roker

“Yorktown explores the rich history of one of the northernmost towns in Westchester County. With vivid images, the book follows Yorktown from its early establishment as part of the Van Cortlandt Manor, through its key role in the American Revolution, to its development as a thriving residential and business community.”

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Yorktown Postcard BookYorktown: Postcard History Series

By Linda G. Cooper, Adele Hobby, John Tegeder, and Susan Hack-Lane

“This volume of vintage postcards draws from a time when the railroad was a predominant fixture in the community and travelers flocked to summer hotels and lakeside bungalow colonies. Often thought of as ephemera, something to be used and thrown away, postcard images have proven over time to be a valuable document of a time and place. For those who were visitors and those who received postcards, these striking images capture the past in terms of Yorktown’s architecture, entertainment, commerce, and community.”

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Yorktown Walk BookYorktown Walk Book

Yorktown Land Trust

Enjoy the natural beauty of Yorktown’s many parks and trails. Go for a morning stroll or spend an afternoon hiking! The Yorktown Walk Book provides color maps and walking routes for some of the most beautiful parks in the area, including Teatown Lake Reservation, Turkey Mountain Nature Preserve, Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park, the North County Trailway and more!

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The Hudson River ReviewThe Hudson River Valley Review: A Journal of Regional Studies

Published by the Hudson River Valley Institute

Summer 2003: “The American Revolution in the Hudson River Valley”

An entire issue devoted to the role of the Hudson River Valley in the Revolutionary War and the impact it had on the region.

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Hoopla on the HudsonHoopla on the Hudson

By Lincoln Diamant

“An intimate view of New York’s Great 1909 Hudson-Fulton Celebration. Award-winning Hudson Valley historian Lincoln Diamant has translated his father’s day-by-day reports of the festival for a Dutch newspaper and provided illuminating and engaging commentary on the city in 1909 and biographical sketches of Hudson and Fulton. An epilogue traces the fate of the replicas of the two vessels that were at center of the greatest party ever held in the Hudson Valley.”

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The Croton Dams and Aqueduct

By Christopher R. Tompkins

The Croton Dams and AqueductLimited Edition, Out of Print

“This collection of rare photographs chronicles the construction of one of the largest masonry dams ever built. From the beginnings of the first Croton Dam, completed in 1842, and of the new dam, which was finished in 1907, up to the present day, The Croton Dams and Aqueduct provides a stunning portrait of the entire project and the region that it impacted: New York City and Westchester County.”

Signed by the author

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Hudson-Fulton Celebration of 1909

By Edward F. Levine
Foreword by Roger Panetta

Hudson-Fulton Celebration of 1909 “The Hudson-Fulton Celebration of 1909 honored the tercentennial of Henry Hudson’s great find for the Dutch and the centennial of Robert Fulton’s steamboat. These events anchored settlements along the Hudson River valley and helped to define this famous region. The celebration, which coincided with the heyday of the penny postcard, was a multi-week, cross-state parade and party. Among its many vintage images, Hudson-Fulton Celebration of 1909 features unique postcards from the magnificent event by blockbuster artist Bernhardt Wall, renowned publisher Raphael Tuck, and an official souvenir series from the Redfield Brothers.”

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An Object of Great Importance: The Hudson River During the American War for Independence

By Christopher DiPasquale

An Object of Great Importance “During the American Revolution the Hudson River was not just a waterway. It was a lifeline, a vital artery on which the cause of liberty depended. Along its banks and in its waters, many would die for what they believed in. Neighbors would fight neighbors and a serene countryside would become a frightening place, where cowboys” and “skinners” crept through the dark landscape. It was the object at the center of America’s most notorious treason. Benedict Arnold would try to sell the vital Hudson for his own gain. Both he and the British knew that if it fell the lifeline would be cut and the cause of liberty would drown in its cold grey waters. The struggles of the men, who defended it through harsh weather, lagging muster rolls, and ill-designed fortifications, could truly say that it was they who continued the cause and birthed a nation.”

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Hauntings of the Hudson River Valley: An Investigative Journey

By Vincent T. Daquino

Hauntings of the Hudson River Valley “Do spirits still stalk the Hudson River Valley? In Hauntings of the Hudson River Valley, Vin Dacquino works determinedly to discover the true story behind three enigmatic folk legends: Sybil Ludington, Chief Daniel Nimham and George Denny. Each was the central figure in a dramatic series of events; each became enshrined in local lore for their actions; each has had his/her story obscured; and each may have left behind a spiritual residue. Follow Dacquino as he interviews local experts, explores areas where hauntings may have occurred such as Carmel’s legendary Smalley’s Inn and digs deep into historical archives to open new windows into the lives and possible afterlives of these three mysterious characters. The truth is out there, hidden in remote, tucked-away corners of the valley…are you ready to uncover it?”

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Walkable Westchester

By Jane and Walt Daniels

Walkable Westchester “There are over 180 parks, preserves, sanctuaries, and protected open space in Westchester County; they contain about 600 miles of trails including ones that are handicapped accessible. In addition there are other places to walk to keep fit and healthy. Walkable Westchester promotes walking, which is an inexpensive recreation and part of a healthy life style. It describes a wide variety of walking opportunities on paved paths, woods roads, dirt roads, or narrow woodland trails in urban, suburban, rural, and natural settings. Trails can go along the shore, in woodlands and fields, or near lakes, streams, vernal pools, and wetlands. Discover Westchester as you walk, hike, run, ride a horse, walk your dog, bike, cross country ski, or snowshoe.”

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The Old Leather Man: Historical Accounts of a Connecticut and New York Legend

By Dan W. DeLuca

The Old Leather Man “In 1883, wearing a sixty-pound suit sewn from leather boot-tops, a wanderer known only as the Leather Man began to walk a 365 mile loop between the Connecticut and Hudson Rivers that he would complete every 34 days, for almost six years. His circuit took him through at least 41 towns in southwestern Connecticut and southeastern New York, sleeping in caves, accepting food from townspeople, and speaking only in grunts and gestures along the way. What remains of the mysterious Leather Man today are the news clippings and photographs taken by the first-hand witnesses of this captivating individual. The Old Leather Man gathers the best of the early newspaper accounts of the Leather Man, and includes maps of his route, historic photographs of his shelters, the houses he was known to stop at along his way, and of the Leather Man himself. This history tracks the footsteps of the Leather Man and unravels the myths surrounding the man who made Connecticut’s caves his home.”

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The "Old Put" “The Old Put...”

By Joe Schiavone with Brian Vangor

The Old Put … contains 104 glossy, stitch-bound pages of vintage photographs and personal accounts of a railroad whose last passengers boarded 49 years ago, as well as an overview of the Putnam Line- a 56-mile route between Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx and Brewster.

We regret that this book is out of print. It may be available at your local library.

More of “The Old Put...”

By Joe Schiavone

More of the Old Put is a follow-up to Joe Schiavone’s first book The Old Put that was a complete sell-out following two printings. Schiavone, a retired educator and resident of Mahopac, uses historic railroad photographs as the basis for his volume, as well as detailed anecdotes and recollections of former railroad employees.

$35.00 (+$11.00 shipping)

The Last of “The Old Put...”

By Joe Schiavone

The third volume of the Old Put series is primarily a photographic look back at past scenes of the railroad when it was in operation.

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