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Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 7:30 pm
By John Phillips, President of Louis A. Brennan Lower Hudson Chapter of New York State Archaeological Association, located at Croton Point. The Hunterbrook Rockshelter is a prehistoric site in our backyard which illuminates the science of archeology and the deep past in the Lower Hudson Valley. In 1976 Archaeologist Roberta Wingerson of MALFA excavaed a small cave of glacially tumbled boulders in Yorktown not far from the Croton Dam. Her discoveries shed light on stone tool types as an indicator of culture, as well as the local landscape of thousands years ago and the importance of small scale explorations. Hear about the history of the area before the written past and what can be uncovered by professional search and work.
Peter Pratts Inn, Croton Heights Road (off of Rt. 118), south of Yorktown Hts.