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Officers and Trustees


The following are the Officers and Trustees of the Yorktown Historical Society.

Officer List

Name Title Contact Information
Paul Martin President prm3@hotmail.com
Mary Rossetti First Vice President maryrossetti8@gmail.com
Ken Stevens  Second Vice President krstevens@mindspring.com
Fran Francois Recording Secretary mpfbda@aol.com
Open Corresponding Secretary  
Stephen Pados Treasurer stephenpados@gmail.com

Trustee List

Name Contact Information
Phil (Philip) Baker philbaker@optonline.net
Gene Baumwoll genesclean@yahoo.com
Bridget Krowe bridgetkrowe@gmail.com
Chris (Christopher) DiPasquale cdipasquale@yorktown.org
Monica Doherty mdhistorygal@gmail.com
Terrence Ducey tducey@optonline.net
Frances Francois mpfbda@aol.com
William (Bill) Greene  taconicbill@hotmail.com
Michael J. Kahn mkahn1977@hotmail.com
Ed (Edwin) Pell pellphd@yahoo.com
Chuck (Charles) Radke c.radke@computer.org
Ken Stevens krstevens@mindspring.com
Jerome Thaler jellie4@verizon.net
Tom (Thomas) Travis t.travis2@verizon.net
Janice Turner jturner711@yahoo.com


Pines Bridge Monument Committee: Mike Kahn (Chair), Paul Martin, PBM Sales Manager (Open)

Preservation Committee: Terry Ducey (Chair)

Landmarks Committee: J-F DeLaperouse (Chair)

Program Committee: Chuck Radke (Chair), Monica Doherty, Terry Ducey, Paul Martin, Tom Travis, Gene Baumwoll, Ed Pell, Ken Stevens, Jerry Thaler and others as invited

President’s Circle

We wish to thank our past trustees and officers for their dedicated service as leaders of our organization. Their direction established an organization which is shaping our community's collective memory of our past and continues to focus our attention on enlightening the future efforts that instill a sense of community pride and preservation awareness.

In recognition of their work, we have established a President's Circle where each of the active, past leaders will serve in an honorary capacity. As former trustees of the Yorktown Historical Society, these individuals understand the commitment the Society's board of trustees must make to fulfill their obligations. There are always decisions to be made and efforts to undertake which require a great deal of insight and perseverance.

The President's Circle would serve in an advisory capacity and likely would meet maybe once or possibly twice a year. During these meetings, the President would like to share the Yorktown Historical Society's goals, plans and projects and hear thoughts on how we might better accomplish what we are setting out to do. Feedback would be welcome as a sounding board to ensure we are on the right path.

Our Past Trustees

Since they are an integral part of the Yorktown Historical Society's legacy we wish to honor each of our past trustees for their contribution to our organization by highlighting them below:

Bruce Barber
Jean Barber
Terry Boucher
Dorothy Caruolo
John Chessa
Judy Chessa
Tom Clemmens
Garry Corwin
J-F DeLaperouse
Michael Derevlany
Peggy Derevlany
Elisa Edmonds
Jane Fisher
Judith Furnan
Joan Fyfe
Bob Giordano
Dorothy Groeling,
Douglas W. Groeling
George Addison Groht
Rose Marie Gruenstrass
Ray Gunther
Daniel Heinmets
Naida Jackson
Phyllis Jakubowski
William Jakubowski
Jay Kaplan
Lorrain Lasker
Sigmund Lasker
Nancy Lockhart
Robert Lockhart
Cheryl Lodewick
Elizabeth Macaulay
Bob Marshall
Margaret McDonough
Joseph Nazar
Hank Pedicone
Theresa Pedicone
Anne D. Rahte
Patricia A. Roach
Ralph Rogers
Kim Ryysylainen
Ann Schiminski
Marianne Skelly
Cookie Stark
Marie Tompkins
Maxine Travis
Laura Traynor
Tom Traynor
Richard Valenstein
Helen Van Cott
Ray Van Cott
Douglas Villefique
Deena Weintraub
Karli Wheeler
Mary Williams
Dave Wright

If for any reason, we may have inadvertently missed noting one of our past trustees, please let us know immediately by email to historyofyorktown@gmail.com.